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AIT is a leading software and web application Products and Services Company located in the Middle East and rendering services worldwide. With products and services based on the latest technologies, AIT has managed to deliver the most innovative solutions to the market, helping its clients achieve their goals with efficiency.


Healthcare Solution

Advanced Information is the leading healthcare providers, device manufacturers and application vendors that have been into business for a short time but earned a large client base due to immense and dedicated customer services.

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IT Operation Services

Accessing the right information in the right context at the right time in order to reduce the time it usually takes the time to proactively identify issues, solve the problems, optimize system and application performance to help you support business needs.

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Networking & Cloud

Cloud computing and business models are on the rise these days and they are being counted as a feature of the most modern enterprise in the industries. The advanced digital era has led to the need for resources being transferred and better results.

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Software Development

Software development is the process of computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and resulting in a software product. 

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You one stop solutions and services Advanced Information company for our client by case study


Working Mechanism

Combine and manage your data: When you provide us with your data or approach us for services, we firstly gather the crucial data and information make it organized and keep updating it to keep it such that it remains suitable in all the circumstances. Furthermore, we believe that it is through this research, we will be able to get the best insight to your customers and needs. Our business aim is to make our clients smarter, better and more productive and automating the processes as much as they can. Our extensive, deep and business process expertise can be leveraged to achieve business goals. We have a passion for excellence and that’s why to rely on the state of the art IT technologies!

Discover insights: We then locate the valuable information, know and assess your needs and demands and find the feasibility ratio so as to check whether your terms can be met within the decided constraints or not. We demonstrate the industry standards and present them so that they bode well.

Take action: Once we have got enormous data on our end that can provide seamless assistance for the best understanding of our clients, we start drawing their message and developing the IT solution using the latest development model. What’s more, if that seems like better ROI to you, then you’re not off-base with our data analysis.

Clear cut and concise working methodology ensure best prices and quick uptime of services and that’s what our clients like us for.


Your one stop solutions and services Advanced Information company for our client by case study

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What Else ? We Have The Best Support Around

We have been committed to excellence and longevity and our aim is to serve the diverse needs of our clients with purposeful and satisfactory results. We deal in a wide range of products as well as industries and our services are never bothered with the boundaries of business and size. Whether you are gearing up for a vast project or looking for minute help, our team dedicates equal hard work and time and brings unpredictable and unmatched results. Our services areas include:

  • Health Care Solutions
  • Networking & Cloud
  • IT Operation Services
  • Software Development
  • System Implementation
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Software Support
  • Manpower Recruitment


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