DentTech Healthcare Systems

Better and Connected care with AIT

Healthcare organizations, all around the world, are charged up with improved efficiency, accessibility and improved quality care. But better care is not that easy. The aging population and the growing number of patients having multiple chronic conditions condition has demanded medical knowledge to grow exponentially which is very difficult to harness.

The vision behind the AIT DentTech Healthcare Systems is very simple:

  • To meet the challenges and transforming care by connecting communities and sharing information across communities.
  • Sharing the information in more meaningful way
  • Analyzing and understanding to derive improved efficiency and care
  • Understanding the structured and unstructured needs of the clients

When a list of comprehensive health records is being shared in a meaningful and timely way amongst the providers, information systems, patients or the payers, the results are usually patient solution and holistic solutions. AIT provides what clients actually need and put in the best approach into practice. With our solutions, you can:

  • Coordinate care and manage the health of populations
  • Get improved communication, care managers, solutions for patients and families
  • Enhance the safety and reduce the duplicate services be delivering comprehensive dentech solutions
  • Build connected, information-rich, non-stop healthcare information technology solutions and services
  • Indentifying and leveraging the opportunities to optimize care process and outcomes

We provide comprehensive range of Dent tech Healthcare services through:DenTech Healthcare Systems1

  1. Product Development & Innovation
  2. Product Implementation & Support
  3. Next generation UX Engineering(Web and Mobile)
  4. Cloud and Mobile enablement of health IT systems
  5. Application development, Management, Reengineering & Transformation
  6. Infrastructure Transformation & Management
  7. Cloud enabled IT Service Management
  8. HL7 and DICOM Integration
  9. Data warehousing, Reporting, and Analytics
  10. Medical Devices Connectivity and Integration solutions

This is just a glimpse to our solutions. Know the best by getting hands on to the product itself. Get a consultation today and get advanced solution.