Doctor’s Desktop

doctor-on-laptopDoctors Desktop is a flexible, free and comprehensive medical practice solution that is suitable for both the hospital environment and clinical environment. It allows practitioners to keep both Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records and thus, providing the doctors with updated and flexible access to online reference regarding prescriptions, test results, patients, progress reports, lab results etc.

The medical practice solution aims to cover the entire process right from checking the patient’s history to previous condition reports, right from lab results, allergy checks, from dental records to medical certification and medicinal databases to comprehensive prescriptions management. Doctors Desktop not only empowers the doctors to keep all the information regarding the patients permanently available and updated. It can also help them to avoid the spelling errors while writing out the prescriptions and then write the prescriptions for different patients again and again.

The versatile practice solutions brings with it the full patient records storage with comprehensive database for all types of medicines to help the doctor’s not only prescribe the right treatment but also keep the history of the patient’s history records updated permanently. The program allows the doctor’s to add discussions and notes, test and lab results, scanned images and X ray images, diagnostic reports and investigation for each of the patient’s history. The records for allergic patients are highly useful and the program is self capable of automatically checking the selected medicines and alerting the doctor’s for any possible incompatibility.

With Doctors Desktop, practitioners not only can provide you cleaner and more accurate prescription but also make use of the updated records that have been updated but also the test results of the patients in question to avoid any inaccurate diagnosis and involuntary errors. This is an excellent free application that is both easy to use and intuitive.


  • Keeps Electronic Medical and Health Records.
  • Provides reliable and unequivocal information about all aspects related to patients’ history.
  • Extensive database of all types of medicines.
  • Simplifies the prescription process avoiding unwanted spelling mistakes.
  • Allows doctors to attach X-ray or scanned images to the patient’s history.