Education Sector Services by Advanced Information

education2Welcome to Advanced Information Technology, the leading integrated technology providers for education services. We aim to make student lifecycle easier and advanced. Our students feel connected to their study, administrations and faculty through creative tools being developed and rendered by creative team of AIT. We are capable of creating:

  • LMS, LCMS, Social integration, CRM and testing services for business transformation
  • Mobile and cloud enabled virtual classrooms
  • Dashboards for institution excellence that monitor key operational and administrative performance indicators
  • Research analysis and collaboration portals

At AIT, our education learning framework solutions equip he learners with state of the art educational technologies while providing them with a well connected and vibrant community of students, staff and professors. We are premium services providers for engaging, fun loving, connected and exciting learning solutions to schools, universities, higher education learning institutes and enterprises. We have on display the best in class service portfolio that comprises of:

  • Implementation and Consulting services across a wide range of education ecosystems
  • Customized application development, maintenance, support, interface development, student ERP integration solutions and others
  • IT Infrastructure Management, Support for systems, applications, database, networks for uninterrupted service deliverables.

Corporate Learning

Organization these days need to learn and develop a strong corporate training and leaning environment that is in line with their business goals in order to get a sustainable growth. Being innovative helps to stay ahead of the competition and that’s a powerful corporate leaning strategy is much needed. It helps the vendors, technicians and employees with the existing and new products and services immensely.

Higher Education

AIT has helped the top universities of Middle East and higher education institutes to improve their operation efficiency while administering operations and managing the life cycle of the students. We provide insight to dashboards to enhance student’s engagement and effectiveness. We focus on flexible and collaborative learning and aim to provide high performance management with secure and scalable e learning solutions. We are a one stop shop for all business transformation, innovation and integration needs of higher education institutes and universities.

Solution Providers

Education institutes like Schools, enterprises, product companies etc. need proper innovation and business transformation that can be best attained through e-learning, online platforms for learning and tests, cloud based learning access, and others. Moreover, mobile biometric authentication is yet another way to inculcate operation efficiency and reduced time for operations. Our proven experience and expertise in delivering new learning content delivery channels for cloud as well as mobile can ensure big revenues and bigger profits.