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healthThe healthcare industry is witnessing a dramatic impact with the ongoing digital revolution. From the trillion of bytes of information being created and used by electronic health record machines, from the patient’s desire to access their information to other digital features, the healthcare industry is rapidly moving towards a fully digital environment. Now the time has come when empowering patients and personalized medicines are not optional but a norm.

This move, however, has placed an unprecedented pressure on the healthcare IT departments of the industry and affected their ability to deliver stable and consistent services while fuelling the innovation. A wide range of trends in healthcare have presented a challenge to the traditional IT opportunities and approaches to embrace the transformation and innovation of such deliveries.

AIT is the leading healthcare provider, device manufacturers, application vendors and several nations and big firms rely on us to make a breakthrough in the connected health systems. We are focused and dedicated suppliers for systems that helps you with data management, analytics, interoperability, health information systems enabling the clients to get the benefits of connected health and better patient outcomes as well as cost management.

We as Providers

Our client’s base comes from prominent countries and firms that are known worldwide and have been working great in terms of healthcare services throughout the world.

Application Vendors

Advanced Information Technology is one of the premium and successful healthcare application vendors for varied needs of systems. We work hard to develop a platform that provides competitive advantage and convenience to the clients.


Several health plans have using our shares and technologies to aggregate the patient’s information, keeping the details current, sharing them privately and securely with the desired caregivers at the right time. It results in better health outcomes, reduced risk of incomplete information, better patient experience and greater efficiency.

Medical device manufacturers

The leading medical device manufacturers use our software in order to integrate their product with the system and aggregate precise data for improvement of products, analysis and patient care.

This is just a trailer. Catch more about our services and details of the company by contactingus. Through our services, we aim to bring reliable and interoperable technology to the health information systems, enabling the clients to leverage the benefits of connected health and thus, effective patients and cost management. Our results are proven through our records and long lasting results. We try our best to render to our customer’s expectation and deliver beyond what they have imagined.