Hospital Management System

Patients these days are demanding better and quick access to their healthcare information. As a result the healthcare companies and institutes are deploying online portals to allow and empower their patients to manage appointments, secure and access their health records and correspond with the clinicians. Moreover, the new mobile apps are also a great way to make ready access to the patient portal as well a wealth of other information ranging from hospital to local patient support groups.

AIT offers you easy to use and comprehensive Hospital Management Solution that is designed to manage and deal with the Administrative, Financial and Medical process of each of the department. Our trusted and secure solutions are flexible enough to accommodate and fit into your individual style of practicing hospital management yet reliable and fast enough to save some genuine time saver, lowering the administration cost and improving the satisfaction level of patients.

Backed by reliable dependable supportHospital-Management-System

  • Improve your data entry process with an easy to use and non complicated system
  • Ensure that you have received the payments for your services
  • Sharing common pool of appointment diaries across multi site practices
  • Storing and securing extensive health records with a longer retention time period
  • Centralized data storage to make records retrieval quick and easy
  • Identify and correct errors early with integrated alerting function
  • Improves quality control and reduces medication errors
  • Allows staff to manage their resources effectively
  • Improve equipment reliability and operational efficiency while controlling cost
  • Create and manage automated email-based Alerts to inform relevant staff instantly

Our Healthcare Management Solutions can be used for:

Help Desk

  • Provides comprehensive information about services, admission, payment, discharge quickly

Patient Registration and Billing

  • Separate registration counters for inpatient & outpatient
  • Enter patient demographics and insurance information

Appointments and Scheduling

  • It’s easy to keep track of appointment and follow-up of all physician in one place
  • Booking of multiple slots for patient in different departments

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • Electronic medical records make it easier for you to store extensive records and those with longer retention periods that are dictated by law, such as for maternity./li>

Physicians Login

  • Secure online access
  • Access patient records across multiple sites

Specialty Departments

  • Receive examinations request directly from patient, referring physician and wards
  • Show scheduled appointments and completed examination on patient list.

Laboratory Management

  • Powerful reporting
  • Define individual routine templates for recording results

Pharmacy Management

  • Provides complete list of available drugs
  • Manage outpatient pharmacy sales, purchase and expiry of items

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