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Advanced Information Technology, in order to provide its clients with the best Automation and IT solutions for pharmacy in the market, offer products and solutions that are extended beyond the pioneership and comply with the automation standard solution in the Saudi Arabia market. This has helped us to provide a new vision of workflow and automation in the field of healthcare. We not only share the philosophy of automation but also help to accomplish the mission to be strict professional in all aspects of our services.


The Pharmacy solutions and automation systems supplied by Advanced Information Technology are designed to address the sorting, dispensing and medicine stocking needs at pharmacies and hospitals. We have gain great improvements over the efficiency of medicinal operations and handling. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Minimize the Medicine loss, stealing and wastage
  • Improving control and dispensing of the medicine
  • Managing Expiry dates, monitoring the expiry date and creating alerts or reporting when they are going to expire
  • Improve the value of the pharmacist(s) as they spend more time with your client instead of wasting time fetching medicine
  • Modernizing the Pharmacy giving you a modern generation look , style and image
  • Increasing the retail space for non medicinal products
  • Increase efficiency of pharmacy employees.

Key Features of Advanced Information Technology Pharma Solutionsfocus eye history1

  • Records complete patient information
  • Maintain patient purchase and billing information for each visit
  • Search using multiple criteria
  • Assign individual staff logins
  • Define user security profiles to allow access to appropriate information and transactions
  • All processes on systems are known through the user authentication
  • Add electronic signature for transactions

Get scalable and custom made solutions for your company and work in association with the most professional team from the industry. We lay great emphasis on quality and this is what makes us ahead and apart from others. Join us today to get hands onto the best Pharmacy Solutions here at Advanced Information Technology.