Infrastructure Operations

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Welcome to AIT, your partner for Infrastructure Operation Management services. We offer a complete range consulting, management and implementation services for all types of Infrastructure Operation Management including the Information technology service management systems and Enterprise Systems management. These systems tend to be critical for day to day IT operations across our global customer base.

We firmly believe that the future of the efficient Information Technology operations is largely dependent on service automation platform and our ability to provide the clients and customers with end to end view to the services they are availing. We have made huge investment in our service automation platform and service performance management platform to enable our customers with new abilities and provide them a whole new level of customer experience with ease, manageability and efficiency.

AIT service focuses on addressing critical needs of customer enterprise towards implementation and operations of ESM Tools. We have collaborated with our clients to provide you with maximized infrastructure availability, business application performance and data protection. This move helps to provide visibility towards a high level infrastructure and increasing the responsiveness for better performance of the application in real time.

We also offer implementation, maintenance and consulting for all kinds of infrastructure application. We help the clients to deal and come over challenges like:

  • Process standardization & automation, Business Services Assurance.
  • Seamless integration of disparate technological components to achieve business goals.
  • Business oriented IT Services transformation from IT driven Business.
  • Optimization of IT Services towards supporting the business priorities.
  • A consistent, holistic view of the enterprise from multiple dimensions.
  • Need for intrusive Real-Time Performance and Availability Solution.
  • A consistent way of defining the overall quality of service measurements, using models that are meaningful to the respective stakeholders.
  • A consistent management methodology of the enterprise in terms of reliability, availability, performance, and supportability that is meaningful at the various dimensions of the enterprise.

Need to know more? Feel free to get in touch with us and get an in depth glimpse to our services.