Mobile Healthcare

mobile2On-the-go healthcare for anytime, anywhere with Advanced Information! Our healthcare systems allow the members to manage the benefits, prescription, health plans as well as medical research from almost any mobile channel like mobile, desktop or laptop. This means that healthcare organization and our clients leverage their services and these channels in most holistic ways. Our mobile healthcare system empowers the individuals with:

Planning management and thus, increasing member satisfaction

Researching and helping to grow the member base for healthcare patients and payers

Medication adherence so that patients are following their schedule

Health plan management

It empowers the members and patients to conveniently manage the health plans from the device of their preference through an app only! These applications enable you to:

  • Manage the plans for family members and individual
  • Managing the privacy consent, contact information and setting of members
  • Displaying custom branded ID cards
  • Managing the progress information
  • Click to call directly for claim and account questions

Health plan research

A mobile healthcare system readily enables the patients with research healthcare options including the medications, specialists, doctors and also facilitates:

  • Identification and locating the in and out of urgent care, hospitals, pharmacies based on the rating and reviews
  • Evaluating the drug alternatives
  • Understand OTC and prescription drug classifications
  • Researching medical details and visual images
  • Proactive contact to specialist, doctors and checking the medication availability right from the healthcare mobile app

Health plan selection

In order to engage individually with the members and non members while shopping for health care plans, a mobile healthcare system offers:

  • Comparison of the available options and health information exchange
  • Contacting plan representatives
  • Receiving notification for enrolment of plan
  • Request quotes from different healthcare payers

Other uses include device optimization and integration, health plan research as per level of your illness, and on the go access to the correct details. We have been associated with several award winning systems till now and that has raise the bar of our standards higher. Taste the success in healthcare dept. with Advanced Information solutions. Let us exceed your expectations.