Project Management Consultancy Service


Advanced Information Technology project management consulting services have impressive track records of offering the clients with proven and effective solutions that are cost effective and custom made. Not only that our consultants have years of experience, they are ever ready to roll up their and drive the success to your high priority projects. We hold expertise to mentor and adapt to a structured approach. If you require adopting customized approach, AIT project management consultant team prides itself while working for all sorts of organization in order to deliver near term success and moving the company in upwards directions.

Our consultants need proper qualifications and certifications before becoming a part of the company. We provide 3 different levels of consultants that are individually offering a broad range of services including mentoring, project management training and on site project office development.

Senior Project Management Consultant 

Our senior consultants are responsible for leading cross functional project on challenging projects. They facilitate:

  • Program charters defining the goals and scope
  • Detailed network based schedule with high level proficiency
  • Activity identification, responsibility allocation and resource management
  • Staff analysis
  • Compression and Validation of schedules
  • Government procedure establishment, coding structure formation, metrics, standard reports etc
  • Implementation of Project Offices

Project Management Consultant

Our consultants lead cross functional projects on small to medium sized projects. They facilitate:

  • Program chartering that defines goals and scope
  • Work breakdown structures that identify activities and deliverables
  • High-level and detailed network-based schedule
  • Activity identifications, including durations, responsibilities and resources
  • Schedule compression
  • Status memo generation for key stake holders

Project Management Coordinator

The project coordinators at AIT work under the supervision of the senior consultants or consultants and are head for:

  • Generating reports about the status of the project
  • Identifying the areas that require attention of project manager
  • Entering data into project management software
  • Updating files as per the normal schedule updating cycle
  • Updating the website, database and share drives
  • Serve as an onsite expert in project management software tools

Get the most proficient project management consultancy services with the experts at AIT.