Re-imagine the Government Industry with AIT

public sectorIn order to meet the demands and expectations of multiple stakeholders in this challenging environment, the government organizations and agencies need to be effective and quick. AIT brings you IT enabled solutions for the government firms to help them achieve this through process efficiencies, feature rich business functionality, technological stability, customized mapping with government functionality at different administrational level and analytics enabling to plan and make decisions.

Solutions we Offer:

Citizen based services: We provide affordable and efficient access to public services required by routine citizens, providing them access to real time information availability and paperless services deliverables.

Social Development: We focus to cater inclusive growth through biometric based identity management, non monetary benefits, digital work management, beneficiary enrollment and self help group management.

Homeland Security: We are leading providers for robust and secure communication networks, integrating law enforcement systems in order to empower the defense forces and security agencies.

Revenue and Taxation: Our IT solutions are also apt for financial, taxation management and integration of revenues on single platform to help effective tax administration and proper fiscal discipline.

Public Healthcare: Our main focus of development is healthcare sector and we put special emphasis on introducing and providing increased accessibility to affordable public healthcare and medical services. We provide clinical, diagnostic services, effective administration and monitoring solutions for qualitative health services.

Public Infrastructure: Rapid urbanization, delivering civic services, better management and delivery of civil services, integrated transportation and traffic systems and data centers.

Disaster Management: We also provide state of the art early warning systems for disasters with incident knowledge portals and response systems.


Improved Accountability and Transparency: Automating process and ensure access to real time information through various stakeholders

Increased Accessibility: Increased in accessibility and affordability of public services with the workflow driven processes and internet enabled solutions.

Higher Security: Ensure total secure government and personal data through multiple technologies including biometric, encryptions, digital certificates, and authorized access level.

Enhanced Change Management: Manage the change efficiently and effectively to provide expertise to the public and government sector innovation models.