Service Governance by Advanced Information Technology


Ineffective management is what threatens a company’s employee when they outsource any services. Governance Services professional from AIT ensure that you are actually receiving the efficiency and savings that they have signed for. Flexible and cost effective managed services when combined with leading workflow tool and allowing staff to focus on decision making and management often ends up in making your project a long term success.

Better Governance Services with Advanced Information Technology

  • Globalized delivery team for offshore and off site governance services
  • We make use of innovative and effective technology
  • Quality control and effective crucial governance in real time
  • Cost effective expert services for a diverse business domain
  • We provide proven results for all kinds of internal and external management model

Our USP lies in the fact that:

  • We have saves numerous our clients that were otherwise leaned on double costly services
  • Most of our clients require repeated services from our pool of services
  • Our unmatched combination of operational management capability and performance measurement tools arms you with better control, better value and better results.

Consumption Management:

AIT provide a proactive and flexible approach in order to cater to today’s dynamic market conditions as well as frequent changes in the organization strategy practices. Our company helps the clients to manage and outsource their services, achieve their goals and mitigate the risk.

Managed Governance Services:

These governance services take up the burden of the governance or non-core governance off the client’s plate and thus, enabling them to focus more on strategic decision making and time consuming data crunching.

Governance Advisory Services:

This set of services help the clients maximize effectiveness and efficiency for an outsourcing engagement, no matter which state and life cycle they are currently designing, implementing and optimizing the governance model.

Governance Technology Implementation Services:

These governance services helps a client understand, implement and evaluate outsourcing governance technology that are custom made to fit the organizational requirements and needs to create measurable values for business.

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