Telecom Industry Solutions by Advanced Information

Communication towers.

With the advent of IT and growing digitalization, the world is rapidly moving towards and getting dependent on more economical solutions that promise timely deliveries. Yes, we are talking about the Digital Information. The telecommunication industry is being crippled with the challenges to provide innovative and dynamic solutions to ensure that core capabilities are being delivered in an efficient and stable manner.

Any degradation or set back in the performance of mobile communication sector or a failure to deliver the content can greatly affect the economic power of the companies that are providing mobile services and the customers who are using them. AIT solutions has made it easier to keep up with the growing and ever changing demands of the customers for faster and secure connectivity and services, while controlling the bottom line side by side.

AIT telecom practices develop solutions that are tailored for globalized carriers, service providers and telecom software product vendors. Our underlying capabilities, IT systems and architecture can plat the central role to enable the telecom companies and players achieve operational excellence.

Our Services

We have helped the customers to raise the bar of their customer service for end to end customer solutions and services for global telecom service providers/ carriers.

Our services include:

  • Robust off-the-shelf software systems
  • Seamless scalability
  • Custom development services
  • In-house accelerators for reduced cycle time and costs
  • Business process optimization
  • World-class infrastructure
  • System integration for business support (BSS)
  • Operations support systems (OSS)
  • Why Syntel?
  • In-house Innovation Labs to develop innovative products
  • Market-focused business solutions

While this is just a glimpse, tap on more options and get diverse and customized service solutions today with us. You can call us for assistance and queries. Our expert developer team will be glad to serve you.